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Welcome to The Youth Party

Hello, and welcome to The Youth Party website.

The Youth Party is a real choice in an election - an honest, common-sense party amongst the corruption.

The Youth Party aims to tackle the major problems facing this country, which the three major parties seem to be doing nothing about. There are issues that could affect us in 50 years, yet MPs focus more on winning the next election. MPs oppose ideas, not because they have a moral objection to them, but because they were suggested by the opposition, so their party is against it. 
We want to make politics more accessible to the public, and restore public faith in our political system. And, we want young people to excercise their right to vote.

To achieve these goals, we need your help. We need active members, people who are willing to get involved in any way they want to. 

The Youth Party is not exclusively for young people; it is for anyone who is concerned about the future. 

Have a read of our policies, join The Youth Party and spread the word!

Joe Lord

                                           ***COMING SOON***
The Youth Party 2011 manifesto, addressing the current problems faced by the country

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Tuesday 28th June 2011
The Youth Party campaign for Community Allotments begins.

Friday 7th May 2010
Dylan gets 95 votes in the General Election. Well done Dylan! We were never aiming for votes, we were aiming to spread or message, which I think we have done.

Tuesday 6th April 2010
The election is announced! May 6th (What a surprise) Now the campaigning really starts. Two parish council, two district council and one general election candidates so far.

Saturday 2nd January 2010
A very Happy New Year to all our supporters! The election is looming, and our campaign is about to begin.

Monday 5th October
Our Deputy Leader, Dan Balsamini, is co-opted onto Settle Town Council, the second Youth Party councillor on the council.

Wednesday 19th August
The national press are not interested in The Youth Party at the moment - they are scared, as we are tackling the issues and perceived problems that they fill their pages with! One editor even hangs up on Joe.

Thursday 13th August 2009
The Craven Herald report on The Youth Party. Click on the link to read the story:

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